Typical Chimney Problems
Here are some typical chimney problems that you may be experiencing. We Can Help!!ChimneyRepairQueens.com - 718-373-3030

Other Services We Offer
We do more than just chimneys!
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Service Areas
We service all of Brooklyn, Queens, New York, and Long Island NY!
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Chimney Repair Queens

24 Hour Emergency Boiler Service - ChimneyRepairQueens.com - 718-373-3030
ChimneyRepairQueens.com - 718-373-3030

Chimney Installation, Repair & Cleaning

We can reline virtually any chimney configuration you may have from  single, straight flues, to multiple flues and flues with bends and size  changes. Call us for all the details!

Some of the many chimney services we provide:

  • Cement Crown Installation
  • Damper & Accessory Installation
  • Flue Pipe Installation
  • Stainless Steel Cap Installation
  • Furnace Cleaning
  • Fireplace Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Pointing
  • Water Proofing
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Removal of Animals from chimneys
  • Removal of Chimney Violation
  • Emergency Chimney Services Available
  • Furnace Chimney Cleaning & Annual Inspection
  • Chimney Masonry and Chimney Liner Repairs
  • Repair of Chimney Flue Pipe
  • Chimney Relining
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Soot Buildup
  • Chimney Inspections
  • Chimney Draft Problems
  • Gas Chimney Liners
  • Flue Leakage
  • New Construction
  • Oil Chimney Liners
  • Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney safety is very important. Inside your chimney creosote builds  up from every fire that you burn. After a while, that creosote can  build up so much that it can catch fire up inside that chimney. If that happens, your whole house can burn down.

To prevent chimney  fires, have your chimney cleaned professionally every year. In addition  to cleaning out the creosote your chimney sweep, we will inspect your  fireplace and chimney for safety concerns.


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